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Aerogel Material Apply in Solar Thermal Power Sector

Mar 14,2022

Solar energy is a clean renewable energy source, and among all renewable energy sources, solar energy is the most widely distributed and the easiest to obtain. Therefore, the full utilization of solar power generation is becoming more and more compelling, and with the rapid development of solar power generation technology driven by national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, how to effectively improve the efficiency and energy utilization of solar power generation is the key to the problem.

Solar thermal power generation refers to the use of large-scale arrays of parabolic or disc-shaped mirrors to collect solar thermal energy and provide steam through a heat exchange device, combined with the process of a conventional turbine generator, to achieve power generation. This form of solar energy utilization also has an advantage unmatched by other forms of solar energy conversion, namely, solar-heated water or molten salt can be stored in huge containers and still drive turbines to generate electricity after the sun goes down. When utilized with efficient heat collection and insulation materials, it can allow solar thermal power to achieve even more desirable results.

Traditional insulation materials in Solar Thermal Power Sector have such weakness,

  • Poor insulation effect of traditional insulation materials, serious heat loss and large temperature drop of the intermediate heat medium.
  • Thick insulation layer and difficult construction.
  • Poor hydrophobic performance, easy to sink, short service life.

Compared to mentioned above, Sino-Aerogel Insulation Materials have such advantages, 

  • low thermal conductivity, good insulation performance, effective prevention of heat loss and reduction of intermediate heat medium temperature drop.
  • Thin insulation layer for easy construction.
  • Good hydrophobicity, stable structure and long service life.