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Aerogel Material Apply in LNG Storage

Mar 14,2022

Natural gas is a clean and environmentally friendly energy source that contains almost no sulfur, dust or other harmful substances, produces less carbon dioxide when burned than other fossil fuels, has a lower greenhouse effect, and thus can fundamentally improve environmental quality. As one of the fastest growing clean energy sources in the world, the production and trade of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is showing good momentum.

Traditional insulation materials in LNG Storage have such weakness,

  • Traditional stacked insulation materials such as glass beads and other inter-particle porosity, limited cold retention effect, resulting in serious cold loss and increased natural gas vaporization; and there are certain safety risks.
  • Large thickness of traditional insulation materials to retain cold, which is not conducive to construction and maintenance, and increased transportation costs.
  • The cold retention layer is easy to produce condensation, which will cause corrosion of the pipeline, and the use of organic materials can be waterproof, but can not meet the requirements of fire prevention.

Compared to mentioned above, Sino-Aerogel Insulation Materials have such advantages, 

  • Low thermal conductivity, good insulation performance, the same thickness of its insulation effect is 2 to 3 times than traditional materials, can effectively reduce the cold loss, reduce the amount of natural gas vaporization.
  • Good compression and tensile resistance, stable insulation structure, which can escort the storage and transportation of LNG.
  • Thin insulation layer thickness and low density, which can better save space and reduce transportation load.
  • Easy to cut, convenient to construct and reduce construction cost.
  • High water repellence, good hydrophobic performance, and at the same time, it reaches fireproof A grade non-combustible, with excellent performance of both waterproof and fireproof in one.