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How Aerogels Can be Used to Save Money in Your Oil Industry

Aug 23,2023

  • Defects of Traditional Insulation Materials

In recent years, with the petroleum and petrochemical facilities' "age" growing, especially in the coastal humid environment, corrosion perforation under the thermal insulation layer CUI is increasing, and even causing unplanned shutdowns and safety accidents, has become an important issue affecting the long-term safety of the device!

After 5 Years

Under-insulation corrosion starts to appear.

After 10 Years

Probability of under-insulation corrosion increases.

About 60% of the insulation contains corrosive condensate.

After 15 Years

The anti-corrosion primer under the insulation layer is almost completely depleted, and the corrosion under the insulation layer is very serious.

  • The advantages of Sino-Aerogel thermal insulation coating

Sino-Aerogel SA3000-CC, Aerogel Thermal Insulation Ceramic Coatings, high-efficiency nano-pore insulation coating, through the unique nano-materials composite technology, realize the nano-materials aerogel as a light aggregate dispersed in the slurry, the surface of the hydrophobic groups, perfect protection of the porous structure of the aerogel from moisture and acidic/alkaline environment, to ensure that the aerogel can be in the paint to play a good role in heat insulation, to achieve a very good anti-corrosion and heat insulation effect.

Sino-Aerogel SA3000-CC, are suitable for heat and cold alternating equipment, tanks, pipelines, thermal insulation, waterproof, anti-leakage, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, corrosion-resistant gases and other harsh environments. The tanks and pipelines after insulation and cold preservation have good integrity, anti-treading, waterproof, moisture-proof, and can greatly reduce the spacing of pipelines, reduce the size of the pipe corridor, and effectively utilize the space and other advantages.

  • Physical Performance Chart of SA3000-CC



Physical Condition in container

Uniform, no caking

Construction Method

Scratch and spray barrier-free

Dry Density


Wet Density


Solid Content


Heat Conductivity Coefficient



No abnormalities(96h)

Alkali resistance

No abnormalities(48h)

Drying time (surface dry) /h, Single pass construction, thickness /mm


≤ 5


≤ 12

Tensile adhesive strength



Hand sandable


Diameter 100mm, no crack


  • Widely Application in Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry

Pipeline insulation and corrosion protection

Storage tank insulation

High-temperature Reactor Insulation

  • Reference pictures of actual project cases

Power plant furnace bottom shaped part of the insulation after the transformation effect.

Retrofitted tanks are dense, so rainwater can't get in.

Temperature comparison before and after painting.

A petrochemical workshop refrigeration station was renovated, and after 5 years of testing of the weld line, the pipeline withno corrosion after opening for intact.

Thickness of petrochemical storage tanks before the transformation of 400mm, after the transformation of the thickness of only 30mm.

Before the retrofit, the protective layer of the tank tin was not tightly sealed, and the insulation nail holes were enlarged and even fell off. After the painting of the tank insulation layer to avoid the risk of falling off, to prevent rainwater infiltration corrosion of the tank.

Before 2013, due to the top of the kettle on the human operation led to insulation layer breakage, material into the insulation layer inside, the emergence of cloudy combustion, was forced to three years for two replacements, 2013 remodeling construction so far 10 years, the insulation performance and the overall effect is intact as before. 

Waste acid unit apply wet acid process, its dew point temperature is closely related to the system SO3, H2O content and other factors, so it is necessary to strictly control the temperature of each point, away from the dew point temperature. High-temperature filter is the main equipment of the waste acid unit, and the heat loss was great before the renovation, and more gas and air needed to be burned to maintain the system temperature, so the SO3 and H2O content in the system was relatively high, and the dew-point corrosion was serious, and the unit's operation cycle was only half a year.


Material Category


Surface Temp.(℃)

Composite aluminum silicate



Composite aluminum silicate+ Sino-Aerogel SA3000-CC



Investment: 350,000 average cost per filter retrofit.
Benefit situation:
1. The electric heat time shortens 2.25 hours every day, the electric energy saves 180kWh every day, the industrial electricity price 0.61 Yuan/kWh, according to the annual operation 333 days calculation, saves the electric energy 59,940 kWh, saves the electricity cost 36.6K Yuan; Saves the use of gas 18 kg/hour, gas unit price 23.66 Yuan/kg, saves the gas quantity is 144 tons/year, saves the expense 3.407 million yuan.
2. After transforming the equipment outlet temperature from 400 ℃ to 480 ℃, heat loss reduction, to avoid dew point corrosion, extend the device operating cycle, annual maintenance costs significantly reduced.