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Jan 13,2022

We Commit to Build a Better World Community with New Materials.

More than 40 years ago, a group of young people who are extremely passionate about materials science, decided to make it their lifelong goal as to research and develop materials that would be useful for the industrial progress of all mankind.

Today, these young people with 60+ years old are no longer young, but their enthusiasm for materials science has been picked up by a new generation of engineers.

Sino-Aerogel contribute to the new materials for the industrial and energy markets persistently, providing to our business partners a stream of innovations and creativity.

I. Our Technological Innovation.

Talents are the foundation of all industries. We adhere to the training of high-end talent as a strong driving force for traction development, and are committed to building a high-level scientific and technological innovation talent team with building materials characteristics of patriotic dedication, unity and collaboration, innovation and self-confidence, and the courage to overcome difficulties.

We continue to improve the implementation of the classification of scientific and technological achievements and distribution incentive mechanism in 2020, stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific researchers, further improve the mechanism of talent introduction, training and use, incentive protection and flow configuration, create a cultural atmosphere of "respecting, understanding and caring for talents", effectively solve the difficulty of attracting and retaining talents, and provide strong talent guarantee for the high-quality development of the company.

II.  Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection.

Rich heritage is reflected in green management, and original aspiration in lucid waters and lush mountains. We follow the "three principles of green manufacturing" – focusing on continuous pollution prevention, while continuously improving ecological environment; emphasizing environmental protection in selection of raw materials, production and product applications; and pursuing energy conservation and pollution control and carbon reduction throughout the whole process. It continues to make our skies blue, water clear and land clean, all with the aim to make lucid waters and lush mountains environmentally serve as a foundation for building a moderately prosperous society.


With the advancement of technologies for solid waste consumption and resource recycling, we address the challenges of industrial and urban waste recycling and digestion, and carry out extensive activities of collaborative disposal of waste with the cement kiln. We have built 27 production lines for such a collaborative disposal, with an annual disposal capacity of 2.71 million tons.
We provide constant energy-saving and environmental protection technical services, such as professional environmental monitoring and diagnosis, technical renovation and intelligent control, in high-efficiency and energy-saving combustion systems, pollutant emission reduction technology, waste heat power generation, technical renovation, automatic control and more. Furthermore, we operate its industrial waste heat power generation across more than 20 countries and regions worldwide.
We develop environmental protection service projects, undertake the environmental assessment of construction projects, environmental protection acceptance upon completion and pollutants discharge licensing work, and expand slope optimization and geological environment restoration and treatment projects.


III.  Corporate Citizenship.

We remain steadfast in being a qualified "corporate citizen" and continually reaffirm our commitments to social responsibility. In the practice of localized operations, we have a strong commitment towards working with global partners. With industry and employment support, aid in infrastructure and other initiatives as our important tasks, we are on the ground in targeted poverty alleviation. We give back to society by means of characteristic public welfare and voluntary activities for social harmony.

Adhering to the concept of "being true, honest, altruistic and trustworthy", we strictly follow the principle of "contributing to local development, cooperating with local enterprises, and getting along with local residents". We are welcomed by local governments, enterprises and people around the world as we are builders of peace and friendship, actively fulfill the responsibilities as world citizens, strictly observe local laws and regulations, fully respect local religious beliefs and ethnic customs, actively integrate into the local culture and enthusiastically participate in public welfare undertakings.

IV.  Employee Care.

We implement a strategy enhancing safety with science and technology, strengthen the role of science and technology in supporting workplace safety, encourage member enterprises to invest in scientific research teams and funds to overcome major technical problems in workplace safety, deeply integrate Internet and information technology with workplace safety, promote quality and efficiency of workplace safety with the help of scientific and technological progress, and enhance the level of construction of intrinsically safe enterprises.

In 2019, we executed activities with the themes of "Year of Workplace Safety Law Enforcement" and "Intensified Correction of Workplace Safety Violations" to a greater extent, and organized special inspections such as safety month inspections, safety inspections prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, inspections at overseas operations, autumn and winter workplace safety inspections focused on identification of unsafe behaviors of people, unsafe state of assets and management loopholes. 

V.  Our Industry.

Year Plan in 2020. In the face of extremely complex and severe economic situation and arduous reform and development tasks, we have made every effort to overcome the impact of the epidemic, economic downturn and demand fluctuation, over fulfilled the annual tasks under self-pressure, active adjustment and great efforts, and achieved economic benefit growth, operation quality improvement, layout optimization, making rapid and steady progress in developing into a world-class industrial investment group specializing in the material industry.

We have worked hard in management, paid close attention to "Precision Management", promoted intensified organization, fine management and lean operation, constantly improved the overall quality and profitability, advanced management innovation as a common practice, and continuously raised the ability to cope with the uncertainties of the external environment, laying a solid foundation for the company to develop into a world-class enterprise.

Together, apply Sino-Aerogel, reduce carbon emissions and protect our community.

Stay with us and find the best solutions in the industries.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Safety

Energy Infrastructure Efficiency

Fire protection, space utilization and light weight are excellent performance of aerogel material, take advantages of passive safety technology in electric vehicle (EV) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) industry applications.


In large scale energy infrastructure and chemical plants, cement, aerogel can optimize pipelines & tanks corrosion, heat/cold thermal insulation and acoustic attenuation markedly.


Building Materials Sustainability

Commercial Spaceflight Innovation

In traditional buildings, energy expenditure against heat/cold loss, damp and moldy is a big headache for construction materials. Replacing traditional building materials with aerogel can solve the above pain spot. Sino-Aerogel team devote to improve life experience for building is the top priority.


The environment of spacecraft is the        toughest test for all materials, our technology comes from the applications in the above fields. Starting from the most difficult areas, we will contribute our effort to make our earth community a better place.



Our Aerogel insulation products now open for all potential partners in the industry adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV), Battery energy storage systems (BESS), Low Energy Consumption Green Buildings, Energy Infrastructure & Factory and Educations.