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Building a Better Planet with New-era Materials.


50 years ago, a group of young people who are extremely passionate about materials science, decided to make it their lifelong goal to research and develop materials that would be useful for the industrial progress of mankind.


Today, these young people with 70+ years old are no longer young, but their enthusiasm for materials science has been picked up by a new generation of engineers.


Sino-Aerogel will contribute to the new materials for the industrial and energy markets persistently, drawing from our business partners a stream of innovations and creativity.


Together, apply Sino-Aerogel, reduce carbon emissions and protect our planet.

Stay with us and find the best solutions in the industries.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Safety

Energy Infrastructure Efficiency

Fire protection, space utilization and light weight are excellent performance of aerogel material, take advantages of passive safety technology in electric vehicle (EV) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) industry applications.



To reduce and minimizing corrosion under insulation, aerogel is a superior performance material for heat/cold thermal insulation. In large scale energy infrastructure and chemical plants, cement, aerogel can optimize pipelines & tanks corrosion, thermal insulation and acoustic attenuation markedly.


Building Materials Sustainability

Commercial Spaceflight Innovation

In traditional buildings, energy expenditure against heat/cold loss, damp and moldy is a big headache for construction materials. Replacing traditional building materials with aerogel can solve the above pain spot. Sino-aerogel team devote to improve life experience for building is the top priority.


The environment of spacecraft is the toughest test for all materials, our technology comes from the applications in the above fields. Starting from the most difficult areas, we will contribute our effort to make our earth community a better place.



Our Aerogel insulation products now open for all potential partners in the industry adoption of electric vehicles (EV), battery energy storage systems (BESS), energy infrastructure & factory, low energy consumption green buildings, and educations.