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Development of advanced aerogel-based composite material with high performance for building industry

May 17,2022


According to the European Commission's plan, greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union must be reduced by 80% compared to the level from year 1990 (see [1]). In order to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings, an optimization of the building insulation is an effective measure. Super-insulating materials are promising materials to fulfil these objectives. Present work describes development of advanced aerogel-based composite material with small thickness. Such composite materials based on silica aerogel can be extremely efficient with regard to their thermal insulation properties. In this study, the experimental investigations of hydrothermal and mechanical performance were conducted on the aerogel-based insulation blanket and its constituents (core material and aerogel granules). Furthermore, the effect of ageing to performance of such material is assessed. The developed aerogel-based insulation material is characterized by very low thermal conductivity (under 18.0 mW/(m·K)) and good hydrothermal properties. It has been shown here that the thermal conductivity of an insulating material made of glass fibre can be reduced to more than half with using of aerogel granules. This aerogel-based composite material is characterized by good hydric properties. The material is both hydrophobic and water vapor permeable. In addition, mechanical properties of new composite material fulfil the multifunctional application of this promising insulating material. New product can be used for external thermal insulation system (ETICS) as well as for internal thermal insulation system. Copyright © 2018 VBRI Press.

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