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Aerogel Material Apply in Aerospace

Mar 10,2022

Since the 1990s, NASA has applied aerogel in aerospace fields such as space suit insulation and cosmic dust collection, which has led to the rapid development of aerogel application development.

Traditional insulation materials have such weakness,

  • High thermal conductivity, insulation layer too thick, hence occupies too many spaces.
  • High density, increasing the overall weight of the spacecraft.
  • Poor structural force, Poor weather resistance, and Weak pressure resistance.

Compared to mentioned above, Sino-Aerogel Insulation Materials have such advantages, 

  • Low thermal conductivity and good insulation performance, which is conducive to improving the working environment of spacecraft and astronauts.
  • Thin insulation layer thickness, improving space utilization.
  • Low density, effectively reducing the weight of the spacecraft.
  • Strong pressure resistance, improving the strength of the insulation layer.
  • Good Weather resistance, adapt to environmental high and low temperature drop changes.